We, J K HYDRAULICS are importing and marketing for Formet Steel Doors, Europe. J K HYDRAULICS  specialize in import  and selling of the complete range of steel doors. Formet Steel Doors are conducive to every weather conditions and can be adapted to variegated construction requirements and designs.

We are one among the top steel door importers in India deals with high defined Steel Doors with the international quality standards of the authoritative organizations. We have been providing the finest quality steel doors from Formet Steel Doors, Europe  that are both beautiful and sturdy to our customers.

What makes us unique from others is that we always give importance to our customer’s needs and wants. We always value our customers’ feedback, assuring 100 percent customer satisfaction.


In the arena of home construction, Indians, have been giving quite a remarkable importance to wood. However, the scarcity of quality wood, the exorbitant and baseless increase in the price and the labour charges along with the shortage of expert labourers and the unaccountability of the locking system are the major factors which inspired us to create a new innovative concept of steel doors.

Modern times with its pressing work culture, peculiar with its hectic travelling and speedy lifestyle, has ushered-in drastic changes in the environment that we live and work. Nuclear families and employed couples have become more common. Houses are left unattended for more duration , leaving them open to break-ins at any hour of the day. Ensuring safety of valuable possessions has increased the need for heightened safety at offices too. Formet steel doors and windows offer ultimate / unparalleled solution to this problem with absolute safety . JK Formet  has a wide range of products like security steel doors, steel windows, steel doors, fire-proof security doors etc.

We believe in always raising the bar, so if we can see a way to make our service more straightforward and hassle free, or to make our product stronger and more secure, then that’s what we do

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